Online Courses

The Aloha Film School has merged with the IFGA and we are offering a variety of courses for free to all members of the Guild.

You must be a member to take a course (all courses are free to members).

The following courses will be available for personal or professional growth.  We are also looking at adding new courses, so if you have an area of specialty that would benefit members, let us know!


Whether you are trying to learn how to take better pictures with a mobile device or take your skills as a hobbyist to a higher level or looking for a way to make photography a part of your professional career, this introductory course is designed to give you the building blocks necessary to accomplish your goals, focusing on the basics of equipment, exposure, and composition.

Here are the units in this course:

  • Unit 1: Overview
  • Unit 2: The Equipment
  • Unit 3: Exposure
  • Unit 4: Composition
  • Unit 5: Wrapping Up

Whether you are (or planning on being) a photographer, a videographer, or a filmmaker, the visual principles of each is founded in having an understanding of the skills taught in this course.

Coming Soon! This course is about to go live!

This course will introduce students to the basics of film production. It serves as a core course to learn the key elements of the entire process from pre-production to production through post-production. This is essentially a production course, with a focus on micro-short form narratives. You will be provided a foundation in the process and be expected to produce multiple short pieces, learning about the roles of director, producer, screenwriter and editor.

This course will also introduce students to various perspectives on the study and production of film and media theory and production. Students will gain a historical understanding of media as well as its application. 

REQUIREMENTS: This class expects students to be able to have access to a video camera. A smartphone with video or a consumer camcorder will be adequate. More advanced consumer, prosumer, or professional cameras are fine as well. We will discuss a wide variety of equipment and how to use what you have. This is a keystone course. For our more advanced filmmaking courses, we expect students to have the skills and understanding of the elements presented here.

Coming Soon! This course is about to go live!

In this introductory Film Studies course, we take an in-depth look at the art form of film. In this course, we delve deeply into film aesthetics, adaptations, Oscar winners, and literary films. Students will view and evaluate movies in the way we address the written word — literature. We will look at a variety of feature films, short films, and clips from additional films in our studies.

Coming Soon! This course is about to go live!

In this advanced-level Film Studies course, we continue our in-depth look at the art form of film, this time focusing on genres.  We look closely at transcendent films in the following genres: Sports, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Animation, Action, Western, Horror and Classics.

Coming Soon! This course is about to go live!

Coming Soon! This course is about to go live!

This course will walk you through the basics of equipment, pre-production, post-production, and marketing. You will see how industry professionals shoot weddings and other events to fully understand the business of event video production with a focus on weddings.

The following additional courses are on the horizon as well:

  • An Intro to Screenwriting
  • Short Film Production
  • Feature Film Production
  • Documentary Film Production